Monday, April 11, 2016

How to use Glass Cabinet Doors in your kitchen

How to use glass in your cabinet doors has varied according to the purpose needed by the homeowner. Some use glass in practical ways to show the location of daily dishware. Sometimes glass is used to display special dishes that are used only occasionally. Then again some glass insets are used to conceal the contents therein. Whatever your needs are you'll notice that glass panels can fit into modern style or more traditional kitchen designs.
Many clients ask kitchen designers to give them a combination of glass doors along with solid cabinet doors. I notice them to typically be placed within a traditional style home.
Most glass doors I see are clear allowing the viewer to peek inside at the contents. This small section has a rippled glass design to give an obscure view where actual labels can not be seen.
Although this kitchen appears as a farmhouse style, and is on a smaller scale you can clearly find the dish you need.
I love this kitchen as the designer defines the difference between dining room and kitchen with the use of color on the cabinetry. It makes this section set apart from the rest of the cabinets declare it's purpose as a hutch. However both areas have cabinetry with glass inserts and notice too the small glassed panel sections that are lit up in the kitchen.!portfolio/c18z4
I really love the idea of having the glass insets above your regular cabinets to display larger dishes like a platter or special occasion dishware. These cabinets look wonderful when they have a light source to make your kitchen and collectibles glow in the evening. 

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