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Flexsteel Furniture

Flexsteel Furniture is one of my favorite brands
Hello, Connie here, with home furnishings. If you have been in need of replacing furniture or purchasing furniture for your first time, then you will benefit from reading this! There are tons of different brands of furniture out there, but they're not all the same. The brands I have experience with are Best, Brill, Broyhill, Flexsteel, Klausner, Lane, & Palliser. I have access to other brands and occasionally we host a few on the showroom floor that I work at. Let’s start off with one of my favorites, the Flexsteel Brand Company.
Flexsteel Logo on a sofa surface

Their upholstery or leather selections plus the different styles help you mix and match in your home or office whether you lean more to the traditional or a modern look. They’ve developed and patented over 75 years ago the Blue Steel Spring which provides support in the frames of their sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners and much, much more. When you sit down on a Flexsteel piece of furniture you are guaranteed durability.
Bands of Blue Steel
The cushions consisting of a dense foam also confirm that any piece of furniture bought with their name on it will withstand years of use. You will appreciate the rigors of testing they’ve put their products through. Some furniture like an occasional or accent chair is placed in a room to fill an empty spot rather than being enjoyed or consistently used. A Flexsteel chair will provide comfortable seating no matter where it lands. But I doubt it will stay in a corner long because of the comfortable seating it offers.
Batting wrapping the foam 
Foam density
Flexsteel comes by their name because they actually have bands of 0.08 inch blue steel running every few inches across the entire furniture base. Growing families all need this support and for my family since we range in weight from 110 pounds to almost 280 pounds, and heights of 5’0 to 6’6. Most furniture can not meet this combination of height and weight and display the recommended weight capacity in the detail/descriptions area.
Widths Placement 
We have one room we all tend to gather daily; our living room. The living room to our family is the center of the house, meaning there is always someone occupying and enjoying the comfortable atmosphere. Flexsteel furniture choices are great with lazy days as well as days where you have many guests over. Because of the various weight support it offers and longevity, any event or number or guests you have over will have comfortable seating.
Secure Stitching
During holidays or special occasions when you host overnight guest the phrase, “I’ll take the couch” is not the bad alternative, but instead an enjoyable option. Many companies now offer sleeper sofas with improved mattresses and better placement of the  chunky metal bars or noisy springs.  The Flexsteel sleeper sofa comes with a Splendid Comfort mattress or choice of two other mattress options like the Memory Flex or the Majestic Air Coil mattress.
The Flexsteel company has proven itself with over 100 years producing quality furniture. It has expanded throughout time to include recreational vehicles that needed sofas to convert into a bed, seating areas that turn into a table. They manufacture bucket seats for GM automobiles industry, and produce recliners with an adjustable lumbar support. From the original four men in 1893, who at that time worked together in a Minnesota ​furniture company, bought it to begin what we now know as the Flexsteel Company. Improving and embracing the technology demands over the years, they have increased to 5 factories spread across America.
Before your next piece of furniture you purchase, consider the use, frequency, and formality of the room. These factors will help you determine what to furnish your home or business with. Other brands may work for you, ​but I need a furniture that will last. And if you’re looking for a brand that does, this may be the fit for you.
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Written by Connie Bradshaw

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