Wednesday, December 31, 2014



New Year Resolutions 

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Self improvement or goals to reach always seems to come to mind around this time of the year. Resolutions of losing weight, start exercising more, start saving money. I have blurted these out before and never felt them resolved. In order to feel any accomplishment I have eased up on the criteria and allowed myself 'baby steps'. The little advances toward my overall goal have offered encouragement pushing me to continue. I have reevaluated those goals and see where my next steps should be. As I wrote them out I was able to group them into categories.


Spiritual goals as they are brought to my attention

I have a few items for self improvement this year. I do not always keep the improving of oneself for a new year but welcome them as they are brought to mind. So I will carry these self improvement goals on with me while adding;

Daily Bible Reading 

Daily Bible reading has been an ongoing goal. I fell short of accomplishing this in 2014. But I found it helpful in the past (in 2013) when I had an accountability person reading also.  'YouVersion ' is a program we will try this year. This is a great tool that can be used either on your computer or you may download the app for your phone.


Eating dinner as a family at the table

I have accomplished an improvement on making dinner daily, so this year I will add a new requirement for myself to not only make dinner daily but have the table cleaned off for everyone to sit down and enjoy the dinner time together.

Making my bed daily

This encouraging young lady Kayln Brooke at 'Creatively Saving' has given me inspiration to make some changes that really have been bothersome to me and uncomfortable for our guest. Kayln also has revealed a lot of tips for me to implement in our financial goals.

Finding a home for everything

The reason I have been pushing myself to accomplish this goal is from another blog I follow called 'Simplify 101' written by Aby Garvey and friends. I had a goal of finding a home for everything and making sure it gets put back in its place once the person was finished with it. I am still guilty of not following this requirement for those items that already do have a home, but I also have not filled the finding a place for everything part yet. Going to keep working on this while continuing to purge unnecessary items.


2014 goals were to organize myself-tackling my paper clutter. I have made huge improvements in this area. I would not say I have tackled the problem. This goal will remain on my list but I will revise it into mini goals. Daily Incoming Mail, Daily Counseltation on bills with my husband, Daily/Weekly Filing Important Items.



I also let slide this blog, I love it, I love reading others, and I certainly need to improve my commitment to blog daily. I had the idea that I could not send out a post without it being a researched topic with indepth ground breaking news. I will give myself much more leeway this year and may occasionally only say "Hello."


2014-2015 goal. I held the secretarial office for the High schools Parent Teachers Organization two years ago, I feel I failed with the large list of expectations required throughout the term. I took a year off, and the position was not filled. So this year I ran for the office again, won, and am working on this demanding job which some weeks feels like a 40 hour work week. The PTO this year 2014-2015 has all four offices filled however we all feel the demands of playing catch-up due to the last year of only two offices filled. We are always trying to improve, modify, work together to solve each new situation that may arise. We recently have been hunting for replacements of State approved items to sell on our concession cart. This cart is a great money maker for the PTO and we did not want to loose it entirely. Buying snacks approved and compliant to the new health requirements is not easy.

Concession Cart 


After reviewing my goals from the last year, I thought "what have I accomplished during the last year concerning my health?" I needed a confidence booster.  Upon further scrutiny I found that although I may not have completed the goal thoroughly (as I wished), I definetly saw improvements. The next step to this would be converting my family favorites into a healthier choice. Keeping the meals just altering the ingredients. I did start this a while back, but it fell away quickly. I'm hopeful I can turn these changes into a habit. Tammy Kresge from her blog 'Organize Yourself Skinny' is encouraging to me and I like her recipes.

Okay so I may not have thoroughly completed the goal but I have seen great improvements.
So instead of self criticsm that I did not get this or that goal completely finished, it is very helpful knowing I can acheive my goals over time. That much needed boost of confidence helps me continue to plow threw.
Happy New Year