Thursday, April 16, 2015

Changing rooms of furniture

Although we didn't go anywhere spectacular like Disney World over spring break we accomplished many things. I had it in my mind to rearrange furniture, well actually to change rooms of furniture.

My master plan was to get all of my craft, office furniture, scrap book items, and three shelves full of books, plus more all in one room. I have the tendency to spread out my projects from one room to
another. So to collect it all into one room was a big task. Thanks to all the encouragement I've read from a few favorite blogs, one being; Aby Garvey's "Simplify 101." I have been able to conquer my lapse in organization. I like to call it a lapse because I love things in order and I have excellent organizational skills, but I let things get way away from me. Now that I've taken time for the suggested few minutes a day on one particular project, I am feeling so much better.

You wouldn't think that the clutter and unorganization brings you down mentally, but it does. So that is why it has taken over a year to get myself back to a functioning mess.
Changing Rooms of Furniture
Honestly, I don't know why I had the office in the dining room in the first place, other than the fact that the phone cord was here, so it only made sense to have the computer here. RIGHT? And figuring that we would not be here too long I placed the furniture in rooms according to how I wanted to work on them. I knew for sure that I would be in the office all the time. When considering my thoughts about it from that perspective, as this home being a lay over, gave me time to focus on clutter and organizing.

Since the previous office room was on the smallish size I was not able to place the items I wanted all together in there. This changing of rooms helped not only me having all my projects in one room, but also made the other rooms feel bigger and more like a home. I guess you could say I have given into the fact that we will be here for awhile. Making this house 'our home' puts me into a different state of mind. I am very pleased with the outcome, all my things are together, my family can sit at our dining room table again, and it is not an obsticle course to get through the rooms. I will continue decluttering as you see all this furniture in the new office makes it feel very tight. This is the room that needs to be priority one since I am usually the person trying to locate a missing piece of paper.
Connie Bradshaw
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Call it a Teen Girl's Bedroom

Call it a Teen Girl's Bedroom

I was screen shopping today and found the most amazing pieces for a Teen Girl's Bedroom.All of this screen shopping started because of the sales alert email I received in my inbox. A couple of clicks later and I saw this Red Rug. Okay, they call it Multi Pink but it looks really red to me. It is so bright and not fussy with a design on it that lead me to take a closer look. The size (40 x 60) is just right for being placed infront of a bed. It can be vacuumed for easy weekly cleaning. Perfect for a kids room, and did you know it's fire retardant. 
Ethan Allen

1. Modern Geometry l$269.00

2. Adam Chair, Webber/Red $1,449.00 $942.00

3. Colin Chest $1,999.00

4. Radiant Flat-weave Rug, Multi Pink $126.00 - $651.00

5. Lucy Night Table $899.00

6. Mountable Metal Extension Lamp $379.00 $155.00

7. White Sheets with Red Embroidery Buy All or One

My teen girl's bedroom or this young lady bedroom started to evolve as I selected more pieces to go along with the red rug. With every piece of furniture I selected I found myself considering how my daughter definetly could take these with her as she heads out for college or embarks on her new phase of life. Then a thought came to me about my changed way of thinking.  
Ethan Allen

8.Fuzzy Pink Polka Dot Pillow $89.00

9. Charcoal and White Quad Pillow $109.00

10. Fuzzy Dot Sham, Pink $69.00 - $79.00

11. Bevan Mirror $399.00

12. Emily Petite Desk Starting at $789.00

13. Ellsworth Poster Bed $799.00 - $919.00

14. Linen Rod Pocket Panel $349.00 - $379.00

15. Espresso Cylinder Table Lamp $399.00 $286.00

How my shopping has also evolved over time. I use to shop in the 'here and now' frame of mind, which really wasted a lot of money. I like the idea of how I thought about how this piece of furniture would be useful in the future. How the items I selected would last and be useful to her down the road.  I know my design habits of thinking ahead have come from life experiences. This is a quality I as a designer would bring to you as we work through selecting items that would stand the test of time. 

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