Thursday, July 9, 2015

Meyer May House

Meyer May Home designed by Frank Llyod Wright
The biggest crowd gathered to view inside the home built by Frank Llyod Wright.
I was able to take pictures inside this home as it is no longer a private residence but a museum. Exterior shots first though.
450 Madison Ave SE
Pardon all the elbows in my photos as I was lagging behind to take photos as we went through.

Winter shot of Meyer May Home

Can you see the down spouts on the picture above? Basically it looks like a black hole. This black hole opening is really neat in the winter months as snow melts the water flows down this spout with out any pesky metal drain pipes.

              Living room windows facing South with access to the patio.

I love how he carved out in cement these shapes of dentil work, and used shapes like squares and triangles that remind me of an Aztec design. Skinny lead glass pieces both clear and stained glass reflect colorful rays of sunlight streaming in. 

South West corner 

The over hang of the roof is very generous making a sun block. No curtains are needed, this window is from the upstairs Master Bedroom. I really didn't take to many photos of the windows but this one shows the beautiful designs. 
Master Bedroom Window

I will posts he inside photos tomorrow.

Love ya Connie 

Monday, July 6, 2015

a typical week

How I've been spending my time;

1065 PRO Exterior

When I am home I usually find myself in this room. My office, filled with stuff that is overwhelming and which gives off discouraging vibes.
My other 3 days of the week have been here;

Sunrise at Snow Lake Campground 2015

It is so fun to sit out on the deck infront of the camper and just enjoy my summer. I usually read,
(currently I'm reading a Sheryl Woods book 'Home in Carolina') and sometimes watch TV, (love the Blue Bloods series with Tom Selleck) and when the pool isn't too crowded, I cool off in the shallow end. This year so far hasn't given us great weekends the exception being over the 4th of July and the camp was full.