Monday, October 21, 2013

This Is The Day...that we started to prepare for an upcoming teen event. Our church has a monthly get together at one of the kids' homes. Since Hubby & I have 3 teens in this group I thought it was about time to take our turn. We will be invaded by about 25+ teens and adults, this is so exciting for me, in a nerve wracking way.

Usually we do not entertain this many people in our home at one time. So I know I needed to plan ahead. 

     First things first: 

  1. I have my menu planned but will have to show you the finished table on the day of. 
  2. One thing I really wanted was those cute flags that I can put in each dish, so out came the glue gun, bamboo sticks, and a bright yellow card stock.

I cut the card stock into strips that would be wide enough to label. 
I just wanted to use items from home that I already had for this.

Taa-daah These will be very sturdy in our different foods offered, We left lots of room to write on these.
Can't wait to show you what's next. Stop in again to see.
See Ya Connie

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