Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Decoration's

     I am counting down my days, hours, even minutes...lol, no not really, before our Sunday Event. As you may have noticed I've been 'tweeking' this blog page. I am so much more happy with this look. Ya know, the brown background with black silhouettes of birds flying threw the air is okay for duck hunters, it just wasn't doing it for me. I have been really liking plaid lately. The light blue plaid design you see, seems cozy and makes me feel right at home just about like Betty Crocker. So anyway...I added some pages, course I will be filling them up soon. I could add a ton of photo's right know to the 'I Love This' page. I saved quit a few images that spark my interest for my (someday in the future) plans, or the (I gotta do this) plan, and even the (wouldn't  'so and so' really love this) plan. I may leave these out.  Hmmm, or put them in, just because they are so great & you may love them too.  

     Oh and you"ll love this. I hear all the talk about how marvelous "TARGET" is for the dollar section. I usually avoid this area as every time I'm there it is crowded with shoppers, and carts and my past experience at 'dollar' sections have proved themselves a waste of time. 
Not anymore!!
I was so glad to put my past experiences aside to go discover for myself the treasures to be found. So although I did see a few things for $1.00 dollar, so I did get a few. What I was really in the mood for was Fall Decor. I was not disappointed. This little metal basket is soooo cute. Look at the embossed leaves and the little wooden handles.

I have had this on my table for a week now and just love it. Only $3.00 dollars. Of course copper is my all time fave when it comes to metals. Gonna get a lot of use from this. Currently I've had it filled with peanuts so my family can munch on them as soon as they are home from school.

Then another surprise. And How Cute! I know it's not a real pumpkin, but since we lost a few of those last year, I was hoping this will stay on my front door. 

     This is a wonderful die-cut, felt covered, place mat. Most be surrounding cardboard because it is stiff.  It is rather wide and would work great for a place mat, however I needed to turn it into our door decoration. So with a few little shots of glue and a few (6) magnets I had in my craft drawer, we were able to make a 'Welcome to our Home' that greets you and can bee seen from the street. This beauty was also $3.00 dollars. 

Needless to say. I 'm sorry I doubted you all, and now have another favorite place to go shopping. The other things I found will are worthy of gift quality...maybe stocking stuffer's.

Love Ya 

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