Thursday, January 30, 2014

Functional Filing System # 3

Kids stuff

Now onto the papers that are brought home from school. I know I don't receive as many as some families with little ones that bring home the bestest drawing of the century. My teens still have a few things that are of paper. So anything sent in the mail from the school comes for a special notice about anything that is coming up-we end up with paper times 3.

While sorting those pictures of all my file piles I ran across several papers that I'd like to keep concerning our kids. All the outstanding awards printed on a nice certificate form. All the report cards which aren't one little 5 x 7 card anymore. Nope they come on 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper and have many sheets like 3 or 4 depending on the comments from their teacher's.

So for sorting purposes I have some really big envelopes. I do not even remember where they came from, but I'm sure are purchasable from your local office supply store. It's a little hard to see both numbers on the metal t-square and ruler so I'll just tell you that they are 10 x 15 inches. I decided to use them just to gather the items first then once I've been through all of my piles I will go back through each envelope more carefully.

Using the other systems I have already going plus adding these envelopes will help me clean out my office plus help me throughout the year so I do not fall behind. If you'd like to see the financial binder read it on day [Jan 20.2014 Titled; Functional Filing System #1] See my functioning financial binder in # 2.It's still working for me. 

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