Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 and all that comes to my mind

<b>2014 and all that comes to my mind</b> of the things I'd like to bring to order is overwhelming. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since before Christmas. I've been making several lists of things I'd like to accomplish this year. My list has items ranging from furniture renewal (& several pieces need attention in our home), creating pretty things or as I call it 'make it for yourself' projects, to the simple organizing of stuff.
This is were I've started.
*Organizing of stuff.
First on my list was to put away the Christmas decor. I read the advice of other bloggers and organizational pro's that said I should threw out the things that I didn't use this year. But, I didn't get decor up in every room and if I were to throw out all that wasn't used I'd have only one box of Christmas decorations left, maybe 3 boxes. When we move again (do not know when or to where) I may find a use for those items, so I'm keeping ALL the decor this year anyway.
Oh how I love pre-lit Christmas trees. They are perfectly balanced with their lights all the way around the tree. Mine was beautiful when we first purchased it 8 years ago, until one or more of the 4 cats we had at the time chewed through a few wires. Although the cats are now all deceased, what remains is our non functioning lights. I didn't have a clue how to fix it. My only solution was to simply unwrapping each limb, relieving the tree from it's darkened glory. NOPE. I didn't get to this before Christmas. Instead we looked at the sadly light tree once again this year. I determined that next year will be different. Yesterday, we finally finished it. Wow! I couldn't believe how much wiring went into our 7' tree. Some of the wiring was through the metal limbs. I have now established a corner for the Christmas decorations in a spare basement room.
               See ya

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