Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Making a display of decorations for Valentine's Day without hearts was a challenge.  

I knew I did not want a bunch of hearts. I'm not sure why, but I just don't like the heart shape especially when cut out of paper. And I knew I had to use scrapbook paper for my decorations medium. I like pink and I like a deep red color. With the decor going on the mantle I would need something bright or lighter in color also, due to the deep olive green wall. I got my inspiration from looking outside one day through our back window. I thought the snow looked like cotton on the bushes. Isn't it so pretty? You can tell I took the photo through the screen. 
Snow Bushes
I decided to copy my Valentine decorating to look like these balls of snow which seemed to cling onto the branches like cotton hangs onto there pod. I'm not from the South so if I've said 'pod' and it's really called 'bowl' or something else then please except my apologies right now. Ok! Back to decorating; I wanted a bit of pink and red but I needed to add white. I loved how the mantle is laid out don't you? 

With the big jars holding branches. Oh I know there isn't any branches in the jars yet. I've been trying to convince someone they need to go get some. I kept my Christmas lights up there to have that welcoming glow through the dreary winter months. Although I would have enjoyed nicely cut alphabet letters to spell out the word 'LOVE' I used my creativity and cut them with some scrapbook tools.

The garland was constructed with some embroidery thread. Each pendant shape has a brad at the points so I didn't sew these pendants together but instead I just wrapped the thread a couple of times around the brads flanges. To incorporate the puffy whiteness still blessing our season, I used cotton balls. Again I didn't sew...I could have sewn through these items quickly but I went ahead and wrapped the thread around the back flanges of the brads pushed through the cotton.

I think all in all it turned out very nice. And I even added one heart.

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