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Do you see how these 2 kitchen windows straddle a stove with exhaust? I’m faced with a similar situation in our home. I would love to have either of these gorgeous kitchen's it's just not practical for this neighborhood. But when hunting for a solution of how to solve placement of an appliance between two existing windows without losing any precious southern sunlight. I found only a few examples.

Our New Kitchen While Moving Progressed

Stove & Refrigerator w/Cabinets
Stove & Refrigerator

Now days
most builder's
would have
both stove & fridge

My kitchen has both the stove and refrigerator sitting in front of the windows on the south wall. The kitchen has very little floor space, and even less countertop space. So I need a practical, inexpensive solution.

Those 2 cabinets are mine, I'm currently using them for storage because I have too many kitchen items. As you can see the South wall has 4”-0” between the window trim. I purposed placing only the stove there, since the gas line was already in. I’ll show you my sketches and hopefully the landlord will approve.

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