Monday, February 8, 2016

Relieving STRESS

Are you involved in the coloring craze? I feel this idea of coloring to relieve stress is so enjoyed by all ages. I know it helps me get in touch with a creative side of myself that has been squelched for awhile. I can pick up a crayon or as in these two examples below display coloring using Berol Prisma-Colored Pencils. I really love Berol Prisma-colored pencils I'd purchased when in college as a prescribed tool from one of my classes. I have enjoyed coloring with them over the years, but as time has passed, some of those pencils have broke, been lost, or eaten by the dog. So I added a small set into my cart along with a few books just to use purposely for coloring these books.

I always keep color books and crayons around for the purpose of entertaining kiddos when friends come for a visit. I join right in with the coloring at the table. I could loose myself in this simple creative activity and forget all about the stress of the day. I think I'm a kid at heart especially when we have to entertain anyone who hasn't outgrown coloring. 

During our Christmas shopping I made sure to add a few Adult coloring books to my cart for my teenagers, who have stressful classes. On snow days when the snow is piling up outside and the hot chocolate is inside it is also fun to sit with the books and handful of pencils. I bought my books from Michael's, but I have spotted them in a few other locations too. Just last week while I was in JoAnne Fabric's I ran across some of the same books.

My teens started these two pages, and I just wanted to show you that not only do little ones enjoy coloring but so will kids of all ages.