Friday, January 31, 2014

Bring to Order

January Office Organizing Wrap-Up

I certainly got a good start on my office organization in January. I really focused on how to handle the current issues of my paper clutter. So all new filing for the new year of 2014 would be handled properly. 

All the year 2013’s papers are in a 3 ring binder sorted & sectioned off according to their topics.

I am feeling so great using this financial binder. I love how I can collect the mail, sort out the bills & put them under the week it needs to be mailed out. Not losing anything this way or eating around the mail pile on the table.

These manila extra large envelopes are not only containing 2013’s kids school papers, but also have previous years. I’ve been putting this off for a long time. Once I’m through all my paper piles, totes, & filing cabinets, then I will review each kids items.

As you can tell I’m not done yet. My office still has a way to go. Although I am going to challenge you tomorrow with “Gifts of Love” for the Love month, I will not stop this time. I am going to do this...You with me? Let's make 2014 great.

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