Sunday, February 2, 2014


w February w
The month of love

I have a challenge for you this month.
We received a challenge from our church to do three things this month that demonstrate love toward someone.
I was hoping you’d like to participate in this challenge too.

My church suggested;
1. Giving time to a family we do not know that well in our church by having them over for dinner.
2. Do something nice for someone in the church family.
3. For us to do something nice for a neighbor.

This may not  be easy for some of you. I was planning on expanding
these to making sure I show a little love to my family everyday. I mean...I already do...but I don't wanna miss a day this month. You know what I mean? I’m thinking it will not be so easy. 
But I’m going to keep a notebook page for the whole month of February noting my little gifts of love given.
I probably don’t need to keep the notebook about what I do, but I want to do this again next year,
so that’s were the notebook comes in handy. Some things I may want to duplicate & other’s 
I may not want to repeat.
Also next year maybe change up a few things, improve the ones that didn’t work so well.

I have been thinking about a few of the Valentine’s gifts people have for a special date with their spouse.
Our typical Valentine’s Day consist of staying at home with the children, just like any other day.

I need a change!!! I really want my family to know how much I love them.

Even though I do not like ‘hearts’ I do love people and want their heart to be filled with love.
Gonna take my challenge? I'll be sharing some of my ideas throughout the month & I'd love to hear your ideas too.

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