Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sharing this little scrap booking organizing procedure

I have started a daily post that shares something "little" each day. I need to notice the "little" things that bring me happiness. It could be just a moment or an incident that brings a smile to my face or joy to my heart.

I found joy in sharing over this past weekend at a scrapbook event with family and friends. The event planner, Chris, on the left had the theme as "It's the little things". Which is so true. With Thanksgiving coming up this month, I thought it would be nice to look for something I'm being thankful for each day.
So many little things added up to make an enjoyable weekend for me. One was bringing a friend along who I wanted to get to know better. I totally enjoyed myself not just because she came but because she usually accomplished only one or two pages at our Friday night crops. From start to finish this weekend she had accomplished 12 pages. I was so excited for her as she took a baby step while working on her scrapbooks. I had fallen into this habit myself of always sorting the pictures again and again each time I attended a cropping event, instead of actually accomplishing pages.
I didn't know how to get to the next step of how to actually get my pages together. It was truly a blessing when I stumbled upon Sarah's technique so I gleaned this information.  Sarah Eelkema who has given wonderful useful tidbits of how to be successful while scrap booking has contributed a few post concerning this topic on Jen's blog named "IHeart Organizing".
Sarah has become the person I keep referring back to even though I do not have all the folders or containers for each event, I can still mimic her process by simply sliding my grouped items I want for the page I'm laying out into the album sleeves. When I noticed my creative scrap booking friend whom seemed to be spinning her wheels, I let her in on the amazing discovery. She was so pleased with herself and I found joy in sharing this "little" organizing procedure watching my friend accomplish so much. I am already planning for my next week Tuesday evening crop right here in town.

Connie Bradshaw

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