Thursday, October 8, 2015

ArtPrize 2015 @ The Fed

ArtPrize 2015 brings artist, tourist, and plenty exhibits from around the world, and they are displayed all over Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today I am showing you what I saw at Kendall College of Art and Design.

Nathan Coley / "You Imagine What You Desire" VOTE CODE #61324
Infront of the FED Building is this two dimensional exhibit. His statement is to conjour up personal faith or belief. I loved this shot as dusk approached.
I really enjoy myself whenever I attend an event held at my alma mater so when my husband and I received invitations to view 8 artists' work entered into ArtPrize this year we jumped at the chance. Out of the eight artists only 6 works of art are pictured here due to my poor quality picture taking.

Left side view of Dietmar Krumrey / "Unremarkable Circumstances" VOTE CODE #62356.  The right side of the drum reads "TODAY THE FUTURE"
Front view Dietmar Krumrey's exhibit
I am not going into the meaning behind these works of art but simply will include you into developing your own. You can catch a glimpse of one display from Prince Varughese Thomas on the video screen. His exhibit "That Was Then" is an interactive piece as you could listen through head phones while watching the screen. VOTE CODE #61485
Alison Stigora /Phoenix VOTE CODE #61569
Alison's display is riviting while walking through the halls and being surrounded by all these charred pieces of wood. New growth and colored pieces of wood where at the end of the hall.
Watching this reciept tape pour out 
 This artist Christopher Baker was a guest speaker which allowed him to explain his artwork and how it came to fruition. These streams of paper where coming out as we watched from "Twitter" feeds with each machine programmed to pick up certain emotions. Just goes to show you that you should "Watch" what you say.
Looking up at the machine(s)

Christopher Baker / "Murmur Study" VOTE CODE #61963

Seungmo Park / "Maya 7624" VOTE CODE #61569
 KCAD curator Michele Bosak choose these artists to be on display as their art complies with the topic "Sightlines", the perception of what we call truth or fact.
Maya 7624
I think Seungmo Park has a winner here as his sculpture reveals an image to us from multiple sheets of steel mesh. Again a very impressive piece chosen to be on display in the Fed Building.

The other 2 artist I missed are Julie Green with the exhibit named "The Last Supper", which deals with capital punishment. And Katarzyna Kozyra's "Looking for Jesus" film with a study of the Jerussalem Syndrome. Very interesting but because it was a film I couldn't take a photo of it.

Here are a few other things we enjoyed on our evening out.

The pieces of art hanging in the hallways in the FED Building did not have an Artist name tag, but they are very impressive to view while you are admiring in all kinds of art during ArtPrize 2015.
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