Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Day dreaming of this house.

I always go into a home looking at the potential it has to see if the rooms are big enough if there is enough rooms and bedrooms. I look for how the rooms flow together and if they seem placed in the practical location. Take this home for example.
It is a rectangle shaped home considered to be a Ranch Style. This home upon entering is open where you can see into the dining room area and kitchen, or into the living room. You know exactly where your coat needs to be hung since the closet is straight ahead.

A 3 bedroom - 2 bath home sells better than most. This home has three bedrooms however my son who we see occasionally due to school and work and a very active social life has graciously mentioned how I could have the smaller bedroom for an office. I like having an office where I can shove all my junk. Books that I still have not convinced myself I can live without. Scrapbook supplies, the albums, cricut, accessories, and all my other craft supplies, like paint, paper, canvases all need a place to call home. They are currently sitting in the middle of the table and have taken over a large area in the living room.

It is a dream of mine to move to a home that has closets in every bedroom. An entry closet for guest, a storage cabinet for bathroom linens and medicine. A pantry for the vacuum, mop, brooms, and of course all the extra food items I like to keep on hand.

The dining area is smallish but we would swap out our rectangle table to a round one that I would just have to drive an hour away to retrieve it. I also have always wanted a bar. I love the idea that my children or friends would sit here chatting with me while I put together a snack or dinner. A concern I do have is my hand me down flour cabinet. I am not sure where we would place the flour cabinet it's 30 inches wide and 24 inches deep. I have always placed my flour cabinet in my kitchen or in the dinning room so the spices and cookbooks I store inside are close at hand. I suppose it would have to sit on the stairway wall. I certainly would not want to block the dining room window since it faces south and I love the sun shining in.

OK...Enough day dreaming today for this home. Until it is time to move into a new house I will continue to eliminate unwanted items while sorting and organizing. So back to the living room and all that scrapbook stuff.

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