Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heritage Home Tours in 2015

THANKS again to Rachael Ruiz from television Channel Eight for the tickets we appreciate your generous spirit. They were showing homes for two days but my husband and I only made it to a few on Sunday.

We had to wait in line but they weren't too bad and the doorman or woman explained a few features we should notice. People would reminisce about the home when they first moved into this area. 

We enjoyed the historical information about the origianl home and how certain events happened bringing us to present day and their current owners. Pictured below is a beautiful sunrise design with closer look.

I really wished that I could have taken photo's inside but understand that this is someone's current home, people actually live in these beauties. After we explored this home and stepped outside to go to the next one I saw this unexpected coiffer detail completing the top of this home in lieu of more slats siding. It is a change from the typical design to be used on this scale. I guess that is what makes the Heritage Home Tours special because you see things that are unique.

All details both inside and out really made this home stand out.

 The next home was located right next door and I was impressed by the similar floorplans with variations in the kitchen areas. I loved the exterior color combinations of the homes in Heritage Hill. All home owners must request for approval from the board any renovations, improvements or even to change the color of their home before proceeding.

This one was not on the list this time around but isn't it gorgeous? So want to move here.  Check out the purple garage doors. I'm in love.

One of the last homes we visited is notoriously called the Christmas House. The actual house was not pretty to me on the outside being painted blue, red, & white. The inside was very pretty with a huge collection on Christmas tree ornaments collected worldwide. I have since discovered that this lead glass light in the shape of a star are from Germany.

When we finished this home tour and stood on the porch while removing these cute little booties we had to over our own shoes, I happened to glance up and spotted this unusual porch light. While browsing through this edition of the Ballard magazine it occured to me of the similiar design since they are both leaded glass, and both stars.  I was hoping to find an exact match on line but as close as I could get to it the Moravain Star. I feel that I at least know the origin of these stars and find it facinating that they were first created for a math assignment, read more here (STAR)

Since it was muggy that day I took photos of the little water fall created in front of the home next to the driveway. I guess I was not only hot but a little board while waiting my turn to get in.

A huge THANKS again to Rachael Ruiz from television Channel Eight for the tickets. This tour will be on my agenda next year so we can see more than 5 and not trying to pack it all in in one afternoon, because my husband and I really enjoyed our day.


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