Monday, January 5, 2015

A group effort

Single Family Home

A group effort of all family members last Friday sure made an overall house cleaning seem quick. It's so refreshing to your soul when you are finished. I assigned rooms to individuals and listed the main chores for that room I felt needed the greatest attention. I was so happy that with their help I continued throughout the day taking the cleaning process one step further.
For instance I needed an overall cleaning in our kitchen, especially after all the extra cooking for the holidays. My youngest daughter was on task to wash dishes, countertops, small appliances that are ontop of the counters, and the stovetop. I am working with her to improve her kitchen knowledge. While she worked, I found myself helping with organizing the refrigerator, going through a couple of cabinet drawers, washing an assortment of areas that typically do not get included in everyday cleanup. Then a roast was put into the oven for our dinner and I moved on.
Now helping my youngest son with the main entry/laundry room. This is a skinny "L shaped" room and I can not believe how much stuff gets dropped in here. After removing the recycle items out to the bin, and scrubbing the floor. He was able to empty the trash, and vacuum the area rugs. We addressed a few seasonal items... like the fact that I still had two painted pumpkins sitting in the window from Halloween. Also our cooler from summer outings sat quitely along the wall while collecting our empty canning jars. Plus a tool box from a recent car repair. I said it a couple of days ago but it's worth repeating, "I am so guilty of not putting things back into their proper place."
Onto the next rooms. My oldest daughter who generally works well on her own and does not need my assistance did a wonderful job in the living room (thanks for finding the tv remote) and dinning room. However the pile of papers that needed sorting never was completed, and still occupy the dinning room table. Paper clutter is by far the worst thing I struggle with. As usual their are items that need attention from both my husband and I, so we will get to that today.
All in all I felt better, the air was lighter without the dust floating around, rooms felt cleaner, emptier, What an exhilerating feeling.

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