Thursday, August 18, 2016


Polyester is more pliable not bonded

Brill Furniture
I had a nice chat with our Brill furniture representative, and here are some qualities you would like. They are made here in the USA, we get our shipments from Indiana. They have all hard wood frames. under each cushion they space 3 sinuis springs, unless it's a sofa with only two cushions then they are spread evenly. Seat cushions are solid foam with ratios of density and compression. The heavier the person is like 275+ you would need a higher density and better compression.

A quote remembered from Bill... Old mam Richards from Richards Bedding said "If you bought a mattress-depending on the quality-and all you did was sleep on it, it should last you a lifetime".

We like Palliser Furniture versus Natuzzi Italian made products. We can get great quality leather furniture from this Canadian based company and not pay the freight it cost to get the furniture from Italy to America. They use a webbing material woven for their support on the hard wood frames. This same material is also used in Michelin tires. We need inexpensive good quality leather sofas around $1200 - $1500 dollars.

We have carried furniture from a company named Winners Only for over 20 years.

We do not purchase for our showroom or carry floral patterned sofas.

Klaussner Furniture can be special ordered from us for $100 dollars and up (depending on the material grade chosen) than the ticket price we have on the floor. Klaussner responds quickly to problems. They have hard wood frames. Klaussner has a bigger special order selection than some other companies we carry. They sell more furniture nation wide.

Best Furniture is packaged well. This prevents any damage to the furniture during transportation from their small company in Indiana to us.

Broyhill Furniture has improved their customer service.

Written by Connie Bradshaw

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