Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Drawing floorplans is fun for me I really enjoy it. I have been drawing floorplans since grade school and have never stopped. I like to see a space this way it gives the ease of the walk way and zones in each area. Floor plans let you see how the relationship of the items within the space work together. For instance this kitchen reveals a few trouble spots. 

Please notice this kitchen has three doors and one walkway leading into other rooms. Also two windows that sit well below a typical 36" counter height prohiting placement of regular cabinetry without structural renovations. The range and refrigerator barely fit between these windows. The difficulties appear while preparing a meal, you find yourself without a worksurface, making the you step across the room to place any items down. 

I have a small mobile island squeezed between the stove and basement door.  Occasionaly I wheel it into the middle of the room for easier access. This provides a great temporary solution for a work surface but not a long term solution. A total kitchen renovation would be more appropiate. This room marked “OFFICE” is only named an office because that is where we placed our desk, book shelves, and file cabinet. All of which can be easily relocated into another area. I am working on a full renovation I intend to reveal to you. 
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