Thursday, December 5, 2013

Received Free Wood

I admire those people with talent. You know the ones, your probably one of these people yourself. The creative folks; one of those who knit, crochet, & sew. I have tried pursuing these crafts while growing up. My parents (who both came from large families) influenced me. I've watched and even participated in some of the many crafts. The underlying motto was always 'do it yourself'.
I would not call myself skilled in any of  these mediums. But I love that example having been taught to 'do it yourself'. 
Dad sometimes, but mostly Mom, delved into every craft I can think of. Maybe they are better described as creative outlets or creative phases.
Remember Artex Painting? Candy making? The rave of Macrame Hanging Plant Holders & several other items. Latch Hooked items? ie. like a beautiful rug.

I've watched her as she has sewn many clothing patterns, Made quilts, Decorated cakes from birthday's to wedding cakes, she has both Knit & Crochet'd sweaters, afghans, tablecloths, baby blankets. etc.
My mentor for all craft worthiness is definitely my Mom.

With her 'never say never' attitude that has encouraged me throughout the years, that if I wanted something....anything, whatever it is...that I should make it myself.

Saving Money is easy if you put your hand to it. My husband and I both come from a design college, having degree's with art in our backgrounds makes perfect sense for us to design, & create, 
build & construct whatever we wish to have. Our raising 4 children and his working full time, never seemed to leave any time for the such. Only recently have we been able to conquer some of these ideas.
Hubby wanted to make a twin size bed for our youngest daughter. So I was like -- Go Ahead.

This is solid wood people. Weighing in at 300# pounds.Well I never weighed it. But it requires two men to lift it.
Stained with a Cherry wood stain from Mini-wax.
Turned out great in my opinion since it's really only our first attempt at furniture building.

What can you attempt? Certainly constructing a bed is a reward & time consuming. But if you didn't want to make a big furniture item you could start small. 
Here's a couple ideas;
Alphabet Artwork Gift

Pick out someones initials & decorate according to their favorite colors. They could hang or set on a shelf in their room, & make the  recipient very happy.

Christmas Gift for the Little One's Room

Owl's are just all the rave right now. My daughter would love this in her room.

Christmas Gift for the Whole Family

Very inexpensive yet creative. Try looking for picture frames at yard sales or Dollar Stores. Love the string wrapped around the frame, and even woven around the lamp shade. Make this to have a cheerful family gift.

Until next time
See Ya

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