Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Home Colors

I decided I needed a folder filled with my favorite colors that I take with me shopping. I have always been able to find the items I love and can't imagine living without. I am drawn to certain items because they are unique or have a simplicity to them that is unusual.

One color has always evaded me as I described it marine green, my family called it blue. So in order to finally have a name to call the color I went to my Sherwin Williams online account to match it. Both, dining room chairs legs and back and table legs have the color 'Rainstorm SW#6230' painted on them. The seats and the table top are stained a color closely matching the Minwax stain below called 'Ipswhich' (no longer available). We had this Armstrong linoleum (#G6210 ) on our floor through the dining and kitchen area. They matched wonderfully as the 'Rainstorm' blue on our table brought out the blues and grays in it, while the Minwax Stain called 'Ipswhich' (no longer available) so substitute 'Gunstock 231' brought out the orange & browns.

My walls where painted Marshmellow and this dining room/kitchen was my favorite area. And now I have begun a color folder to reference when I need to match items I'd like. If you happen to browse the new July Ballard book you will find the 'Spa' color showing up everywhere. I've noticed 'Spa' on different fabrics, on different furniture and what a relaxing light blue it is. I have added this color to my favorites because it reminds me of summer. My take on it is matched to a Sherwin Williams paint called 'Topsail #6217'. It is close to a light blue sky or a robin egg blue.

Not only do I want to make a beautiful dividing wall in copper but I'd love this artwork. The blues, honeycomb yellow, topsail blue, and the marshmellow white would fit in perfectly with my favorite colors.
Custom hammered-copper tiles add texture and reflect light in the master bedroom #lighting
I found this beautiful dividing wall in copper photo on pinterest while I searched for ideas of how to mount a piece of copper. This isn't my piece of copper but I sure do hope mine will look this lovely once I get it cleaned up.

I'm sure I've talked about copper before because of my love I have for this metal. And today I simply wanted to make a quick post showing my favorite colors. But, oh check out these bracelets.
Do you think they would make a green ring around my wrist? I would not care if I had a green wrist I would wear them. Gonna be on a lookout for bracelets like these.
Love ya

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