Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bradshaw's update
For Mother's Day I bought Paul a shirt, Tim a pair of shorts, Naomi two skirts but one is for her band concert and one is for church, Rebekah a pair of shorts. I have tried getting a hold of Nick and have invited him and his girlfriend Jaymie over several times. She is busy with work and college classes when she's not at work. Saturday we (Paul, me, Naomi, Rebekah and Zoey) went to Holland and watched the Tulip Festival Parade. From were we parked to were we actually sat was about a mile of walking. Whew! that tired me out. But I loved the watching the parade and I think I loved it even more than everyone else. I totally felt like a kid all over again. 

Then we went over to our friends Monte & Jenny's for a cookout and helped them put back up a section of fence that had fallen over. They had stuff for making smore's so we sat around the campfire pit they have in their back yard. They have an abundance of fallen branches that they want to burn and several pine trees they need to remove to allow the oak and maple trees to continue to grow.

I had a super busy week as I attended to the Teachers Appreciation Week again at our school. I set up the sign up program through this thing called 'sign up genius'. It is suppose to make it easier for everyone to select the item or items they wish to donate on the menu that I constructed from the teachers personal choices and food allergies. Two days I would have to say were disappointing for the turn out of items donated. One was 'Italian Day' & the other "Polish Day'. But all in all it was a wonderful week and the teachers and staff attending were very Thankful for not having to bring a lunch or breakfast for that matter, since we did have a lot of donuts, cookies, yogurt, fresh fruit, orange and apple juice donated.

Monday night we held our elections for the following year PTO officers and although I feel exhausted by the last few weeks of total dedication so much so that I did not want to be on the board again next year, I ended up saying I would. My brain was thinking one thing and my mouth was saying something else. I do love being involved with the students, the teachers, and basically being a help to those who need it.

But after talking to Paul about it on Sunday afternoon my choice was to pursue my Interior Design career more aggressively and let go of the PTO. It's funny how we had the same discussion about parent going through the disconnect feelings as their children enter high school. Then Tuesday morning was our last meeting of this school year for the 'Moms in Prayer' group and the topic was about how parent let go of their students in High school (loosen those apron strings) which allow them to experience their independence and grow.

That sums up the last few weeks here and I'm looking forward to hearing a speaker on Friday night who is an Occupational Therapist/Interior Designer. And Saturday if time allows we will attend a few select home tours being offered. I'll bring all this news next week. 
Love Ya

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